Hello, November! (Mental Health Survey Inside)


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Welcome to November! Are you wondering how we got here too? I think we all are at this point… 2016 is going super fast. That said, I wanted to quickly drop in and let you know that I’m re-branding this site for official re-launch in January, so there will be changes to the look and feel as well as the content, to some extent. Reason being, I’m currently developing a mental health awareness and support business which will be primarily centred on this blog, along with offshoots of services, events and products related to #mentalhealthmatters that I’ll be offering.  Continue reading “Hello, November! (Mental Health Survey Inside)”

Mental Health and Addiction: Make the Connection, Address the Stigma

simone-flynn-guest-post-tsansai-mental-health-drug-addictionEditor’s note: Happy Monday light beams! Today I’m feeling amped because it’s the start of a new week and we’re just on the cusp of the Christmas season right now, so I’m happy the year is ending. It’s been terribly trying for me in many ways, especially with my mental health, but I’ve learnt so much and my growth is undeniable – good stuff. There are big plans for 2017 in the works and I’m claiming it as my year of greatness, so now I’m looking forward to it coming so everything will start to manifest. Isn’t it crazy how time is? Pretty sure it was January last week. Anyway, today is a pretty special one for me and for this blog – I’ve been hinting at it for a while (this post should have been part of my World Mental Health Week 2016 series, which totally didn’t happen) and now it’s time to finally share it with you – because everything manifests exactly when and as it should. *drumroll*

Tsansai.com is premiering its first mental health-related guest story (by an overseas writer) and I couldn’t be happier! It’s the perfect preface to my upcoming post about coping strategies/positive lifestyle changes that can be implemented to make life easier when mental illnesses get involved – the struggle is real, fam, but it can be done. Today, Michigan-based fellow writer/advocate Simone Flynn of The Perpetual Pink Cloud is sharing useful information and tips with us about the relationship between drug abuse and mental illness; and, as I always stress, why we need to urgently address the associated stigmas so more people can reach out for the help they need.

I want to thank her for her contribution as I find this guest post as refreshing as it is educational – she’s taken the time to simplify the matter for us so well! Dive in and check it out and if you’d like to contribute a post, feel free to reach out here.

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—Tami Continue reading “Mental Health and Addiction: Make the Connection, Address the Stigma”

#MHAW16 (World Mental Health Week Kingston) celebration was a success!


Hi lightbeams!

Checking in to give you this quick two-for-one deal —a virtual walk through of how #MHAW16 was celebrated here in Kingston (plus the things I had to do with it) and to find out some specifics about your interests (regarding this blog) from you. I have good news and un-fantastic (but soon to change) news… Continue reading “#MHAW16 (World Mental Health Week Kingston) celebration was a success!”