Food for thought: Are you becoming what you eat?


Hello again! I really should be doing my boss’ work, but I had a brain spaz moment and decided that this is also work… so yeah, here we are. Today has been one of those days where I’m finding it extremely difficult to stay focused on the tasks I’m being paid to do, so I tend to go off reading tonnes of interesting stuff I find floating around the Internet. Food Healthy eating is the topic of choice today for the following reasons:

  1. I read a chapter in The Bible this morning (Genesis 3) that speaks to God’s creation of the different plants and animals, and how he gave man dominion over them. Basically the point of this chapter is to show us how things shifted a bit after the first sin was committed, where food was no longer free for all mankind and man now had to work hard and sweat for it as a consequence of his sin.
  2. I was reading up last week on Peruvian citizens’ success in getting genetically modified foods banned from their country.
  3. One of my uncles who is a farmer posted some interesting articles on genetically modified foods and GMO labelling that got me reading all kinds of things on the subject. It’s the information age, and I like to be prepared. *shrug*

Now this topic intrigues me because I have changed my diet significantly since May of this year due to a cancer scare I that had that sparked a renewed interest in leading a healthy lifestyle and putting the best into my body. I say renewed because I’m from St Elizabeth, which is referred to as Jamaica’s ‘bread basket’, and farming is HUGE there. My family is also very big on healthy eating and organic foods, and as a child my grandmother would always ensure that my diet was balanced and I was eating the right foods to increase my physical and mental performance. Side note: Incidentally, she is celebrating her 76th birthday today. Yay for MaMa! \O/

Eat more raw foods! It's better for you!
Eat more raw foods! It’s better for you!

I’ll admit that while I tried to maintain this as much as possible when I moved away from home, I did slack off a whole lot. Then when I started to feel ill this year and was advised by my doctor to change my diet, it was hardly surprising, and I feel much better since I’ve done it. I now enjoy healthy eating – i.e. hardly any junk, less processed foods and sugars, more raw foods and lots more water – and coming up with creative ways to make things I often deemed ‘gross’ more palatable. That said, there are many reasons why I found these topics intriguing, and while browsing the Internet at work doing my research, I remembered an article I once saw on The Vigilant Citizen about food, medicines and the Illuminati agenda to ‘dumb down’ society using what we eat, that also piqued my interest. Oddly enough it resonates even more now due to the fact that I’d been dealing with the terrible side-effects of Xanax for approximately four months this year, and I thought I’d share some of it so you too could be equipped, and feel inspired to go do your own research.

Here’s an excerpt of the facts below:


March 22: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that Prozac-like antidepressants (called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or SSRIs) could cause “anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, hostility, impulsivity, akathisia [severe restlessness], hypomania [abnormal excitement] and mania [psychosis characterized by exalted feelings, delusions of grandeur].”

June: The Therapeutic Goods Administration, the Australian equivalent of the FDA, reported that the latest antipsychotic drugs could increase the risk of diabetes.

June: The FDA ordered that the packaging for the stimulant Adderall include a warning about sudden cardiovascular deaths, especially in children with underlying heart disease.

October 15: The FDA ordered its strongest “black box” label for antidepressants warning they could cause suicidal thoughts and actions in under those under 18 years old.

October 21: The New Zealand Medicines Adverse Reactions Committee recommended that older and newer antidepressants not be administered to patients less than 18 years of age because of the risk of suicide.

December 17: The FDA required packaging for the “ADHD” drug, Strattera, to advise that “Severe liver damage may progress to liver failure resulting in death or the need for a liver transplant in a small percentage of patients.”


February 9: Health Canada, the Canadian counterpart of the FDA, suspended marketing of Adderall XR (Extended Release, given once a day) due to reports of 20 sudden unexplained deaths (14 in children) and 12 strokes (2 in children).

April 11: The FDA warned that antipsychotic drug use in elderly patients could increase the risk of death.

June 28: The FDA announced its intention to make labeling changes to Concerta and other Ritalin products to include the side effects: “visual hallucinations, suicidal ideation [ideas], psychotic behavior, as well as aggression or violent behavior.”

June 30: The FDA warned that the antidepressant Cymbalta could increase suicidal thinking or behavior in pediatric patients taking it.  It also warned about the potential increased risk of suicidal behavior in adults taking antidepressants.

August: The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration found a relationship between antidepressants and suicidality, akathisia (severe restlessness), agitation, nervousness and anxiety in adults.  Similar symptoms could occur during withdrawal from the drugs, it determined.

August 19: The European Medicines Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products warned against child antidepressant use, stating that the drugs caused suicide attempts and thoughts, aggression, hostility, aggression, oppositional behavior and anger.

September 26: The Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco (Italian Drug Agency, equivalent to the FDA) warned against use of older (tricyclic) antidepressants in people under 18 years old.  It also determined the drugs were associated with heart attacks in people of any age.

September 29: The FDA ordered that labeling for the “ADHD” drug Strattera include a boxed warning about the increased risk of suicidal thinking in children and adolescents taking it.

October 17: The FDA warned that the antidepressant Cymbalta could cause liver damage.

October 24: The FDA withdrew the stimulant Cylert from the market because of the risk of liver toxicity and failure.

November: The FDA warned that the antidepressant Effexor could cause homicidal thoughts.


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