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I’m super-exhausted, but in an effort to honour my latest promise to myself (i.e. to start writing ESPECIALLY when I don’t feel like it) I’m here tapping away at my keyboard. So much has happened in the last month, you wouldn’t believe it! I started yoga and actually meditate daily now as opposed to sporadically, got involved with a charity, started a new job, gotten electrocuted (funny story) and so much more. A draining merry go round, but one I am grateful for nonetheless as it’s Thanksgiving season and I’m happy and blessed to be alive and kicking life in the dingleberries. Woot! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’m sharing a list of my 10 daily must-haves and hoping it starts a regular blogging trend. Do enjoy, and feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment if you need more details on anything I’ve posted here.


1. WATER. I know, clichéd, but yes. I need water. I cut out sugars, processed juices and alcohol about two years ago (every now and then I might chug one, but VERY rarely) and I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. *Disclaimer: I still drink wine… slow blink*
Since I started drinking more water my hair, nails, body and especially my skin thank me for it daily! I still don’t drink as much as I need to but it’s a work in progress and I am determined to drink shitloads of water every day before year end. (Side note: Water is also an exceptional companion for curly haired folk, especially people like me who can go from helmet head to electrocuted lion in a millisecond). I REALLY love water though, I can’t believe there was a time when I never really cared for it… kids.

2. My core group. You know those people who always have your back, are always there to lend an ear, a hand, share some fun moments and deliver that verbal slap-in-the-face reality check to keep you grounded just when you need it most? Yeah, those guys. I’ve been supremely blessed in my 27 years of existence to have a family that completely understands me and is always there, this includes my closest friends because I consider them family too. I have been through a lot and lost many along the way for various reasons, but I can safely say that the people in my circle today are the people who I have journeyed with, totally appreciate and wouldn’t ‘diss’ for the world. I love you guys!


3. Balance i.e. (Prayer, meditation and exercise). This little package deal works miracles, trust me. I pray constantly about a lot of things everything and meditate just as much. It keeps me centred, connected to the universe and the divine… all that is. It relaxes me, opens my mind and makes my spirit expand in a very… complete way. As someone who suffers from depression, anxiety issues, insomnia and inherent workaholic tendencies, I find that this simple combo has done so much for me in so little time, with very obvious, very quick results. I like that exercising not only does the same things as prayer and meditation, but also gives me a physical workout so that feeling of balance and well-being permeates everything that is my life, much like the scented candles, incense and essential oils that I use to melt away life’s stresses. Now all I need to do is work on putting in more exercise…


4. Laughter I love having sharp wit and warped sense of humour because I strongly believe that it helps me to be stronger, more balanced and waaaay more resilient. To not take myself or others as seriously as I am wont to do, relax more and enjoy the moments rather than the days, plus it serves as a reminder that there is always something in life to be grateful for… or to be happy that it hasn’t happened to you.


5. Music. I am pretty certain that music saves lives, revives spirits, frees and feeds the soul, provides motivation, companionship and many other things. I am an art nerd so I do enjoy and appreciate various art forms but I’ve had a passion for music forever and I always say I’d rather go blind than deaf just so I could enjoy it that much more. I know, I’m weird. *shrug*

Adicción a internet

6. The Internet I am a new age girl. I can easily (okay, not so easily) go off for a weekend without any technological connections… just kidding, I’m pretty sure I can’t do that (trust me, I’ve tried). I need to work, speak to my friends and family far away, access hilarious distraction, laughs, memes, learn things I don’t want to actually pay for classes to know, learn things I can actually pay for the classes to know, have information at my fingertips all the time… recipes, photos, music, everything. I need everything… and that’s exactly why the Internet is fully awesome… and I need it. Every day. *Yes, this also means I MUST always have a smart phone and computer that work like a charm.*

BRA-00132-1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlarge-arm-and-hammer-baking-soda-454g-10076-p

7. The miraculous trifecta (Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, limes and baking soda)… another marriage of awesomeness that I simply must have in my life. Why, you say? It’s the first thing I drink every morning to flush my body of toxins. I also use them as toner for my skin, clarifying agents for my hair, antiseptic, a remedy for my irritating sinuses, digestive nuances… should I continue? There’s also baking soda, which is another of those must-haves that I use for everything. From loosening the nearly impenetrable pores in my hair strands to using it as a facial scrub/mask, teeth whitener, stomach flu fixer, limescale cleaner, stain remover, odor absorber and more. Can you tell I love multi-purpose items?


8. Damn good food… and positive people to share it with. Not much to say here. I love to cook, I love to eat, and I LOVE to share both with the right people. The look, the smells, the taste, the presentation, the laughter, for me, nothing quite beats that. Except maybe fro-yo. That’s just awesome.


9. My notebook …. because I am a writer first and foremost. One who enjoys doodling to boot, and I’m one of those whose creative process doesn’t always come in a jiffy. Sometimes it doesn’t flow at all and I spend days trying to eke out something, anything that doesn’t look like nonsense floating on a page. Most importantly, I am always getting a flurry of ideas and I’m also always forgetting myriad things, even if I shouldn’t… especially when I shouldn’t. So yeah, notebooks for the win!

Iman+eye pencilth

Raw shea butter
Raw shea butter

10. My beauty essentials – i.e. eyebrow pencil, go-to lip balm and moisturiser.
My eyebrow pencil… because without it, I’d look like an alien. Seriously… I barely have eyebrows as it is. My eos lip balm is another of my daily loves, it’s either that or shea butter for the moisture (which I use on my hair and skin as well)… don’t roll your eyes… lips this kind of sexy takes work, capisce?


*Btw, please don’t lick the screen*

Happy Friday!

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