My ‘Happy Pumpkin Smoothie’… try it!

Hi guys, happy Tuesday!

(Says the girl who until 30 minutes ago was NOT having a happy one)


This story was recommended by my friend and fellow blogger Chelan of The Adventures of Mamachel, on seeing my Instagram post earlier. I shared the recipe and health benefits of today’s green smoothie and since then I’ve been getting a number of questions, so it’s perfect that she suggested it as I can get into a little more details here *cue marching band*

Today was just one of those days that started very poorly for me. We all have them, except that this time it had little or nothing to do with me. Let’s rewind and summarise a bit…

Last week I spent three days out of town for a very important work function. The hotel I stayed in apparently had bed bugs, and I managed to take them on an all-expenses-paid trip to Kingston. Side note: I actually did not know that bed bugs were a real insect, I thought it was all just a myth.

Now for the fun part. In an effort to repay me for my unwitting act of kindness, my newfound bug colleagues (since we’re sharing a bed and all) decided to multiply in my apartment and bless me with countless kisses on my arms and legs. (How nice of them!)

Anyway, after barely any sleep and much discomfort and paranoia, my day was spent pulling my entire place apart, with an exterminator in tow and getting all my clothes laundered. I will also have a housekeeper come in tomorrow to help me clean up and shampoo my hair (just in case). Whoopee, more money spending! :-/

Fun times...

So with bug bites bringing redness, inflammation and other joys, I was pretty infuriated so I decided to make myself a green smoothie to soothe my foul mood, skin issues and lethargy, seeing that I hadn’t slept much.

I wanted something that tasted great and had multiple benefits so I went with pumpkin and fortified it with everything I needed to make me feel better mentally and physically, being tired, bug raped and on the verge of depression. It worked!

Happy in a Mason jar

It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals too, which is of course superb. I’m no expert or nutritionist, but I do a lot of reading about food and nutrition and putting healthy delicious meals together is something I really enjoy. I really dislike taking medicines and visiting public clinics/hospitals (so no free health care for me), and I can’t currently afford private doctors so I decided it makes sense to use food as my medicine.

The recipe, which I am proud to say is an original, and purpose of each ingredient I used is listed below. This is a 16-ounce jar and the recipe yields about 3.5 cups. I really like the way it smells and tastes, hope you will like it too.




-1/2 lb of uncooked pumpkin, skin on, and a handful of raw pumpkin seeds (antifungal, anti-inflammatory,anti-depressant, anti-cancer, lots of fibre)
 -3 tbps probiotic vanilla yoghurt (calcium and good bacteria your body needs) *NB. The food industry likes to trick us into eating crap, so even if your yoghurt says probiotic, check the label to see if it says “contains live/active cultures”. If it doesn’t, it’s basically just milk and sugar.
 -1/4 cup of chamomile tea (stomach soother, nerve soother, immune booster, cancer fighting – for ‘pop skull relief’ LOL)
-2 1/2 cups water
 -1/2 sprig of fresh, curly leaf parsley (antioxidants, immune boosting, heart tonic, bone builder, anti-inflammatory, nervous system support)
 -1/2 tsp turmeric (liver detox, anti-depressant, pain relief, skin health, cancer fighting)
 -1 tbsp honey (immune system strength, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, energy) 
-2 tsps molasses (colon health, iron, nervous system support) 
-A pinch of ground cumin (aids in digestion, contains many minerals) 
-A pinch of ground cinnamon (memory, cognitive function, blood sugar regulation) 
-A tsp grated nutmeg (liver and kidney detox, digestive aid, brain strength) 


-Blend seeds and parsley first (on your grate setting) with chamomile tea until combined
-Add all spices and half the water, blend on the same setting for about 30 seconds
-Add pumpkin and yoghurt, pulse for another 30 seconds
-Mix molasses and honey into the remaining water, add to the mixture and purée for about a minute.

Do not strain! And enjoy 🙂

I might add a bit of ginger next time, but try it and see if it works for you too. You can also modify if you want (ideas welcomed), and if you have a suggestion or question just leave me a comment below.


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