There’s no such thing as ‘asking for it’.

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Hope you’re all having a lovely Friday and welcoming the weekend with utmost positivity (I say this really as a reminder to myself, but if it works for you guys then by all means… knock yourself out!)

Not to put a damper on the day, but a Buzzfeed article – Sexual Assault Survivors Answer The Question “What Were You Wearing When You Were Assaulted?” (see screen shot below) – caught my eye just now as it made a point I’m always hammering in – when it comes to sexual abuse, there is no such thing as ‘asking for it’. I spoke to this issue in a previous post about ‘sluts’ (you can read it here), and it’s something I’m very passionate about.

Source: Buzzfeed
Source: Buzzfeed

What you wear, how you speak, where you go, who you know… none of those things should have any bearing or be seen as cause to justify sexual assault and I think the article explored that simply and beautifully. It also shows how social media can be used for good, to educate and empower people, allow them to share their stories, let their voices be heard and provide a sense of community for those who really need it. Another thing that this article proves is that sexual assault is not at all uncommon anywhere in the world. In fact, it showed me that it’s far too prominent – an uncomfortable fact. There are too many anxious, depressed, angry, self-loathing sexual assault victims out there who cannot pull themselves out of the abyss for fear of chastisement by a society that either blames them for their experiences or turns a blind eye to it.

Rape culture and objectification are unfortunately accepted as norms for many, so the argument of ‘asking for it’ seems like it’s here to stay. It’s up to us who know better to do our part, one person at a time to change that hegemony so rape victims can feel more comfortable speaking up and sexual predators can be brought to justice quicker and easier.

The thing is, and this is something everyone needs to understand, the only thing that’s really ‘responsible’ for rape is rapists.

Click here to read the rest of Buzzfeed‘s feature.

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