Monthly Archives: January 2015

This smoothie will make you smile, feel healthy & have great skin…

Great news guys, I finally just created a YouTube channel! I’ve been promoting #MentalHealthMeals on Instagram for a while now and even though I’ve posted such recipes before, I haven’t exactly been consistent with them so I’m changing that this year. I made this green smoothie yesterday and it turned out awesome¬†so I did a […]

One month later: Reflections on ‘A Day in the Life of a J’can lesbian’

(Six minute read)¬† —An example of the kind of backlash the post garnered. Happy New Year! May 2015 bring you nothing but happiness, peace and prosperity. I urge you all to use this first week as a time of reflection, introspection and preparation for the coming months. It is customary for me to do a […]