Monday Music: Soul in Mind

Hey guys!

I’m quickly sharing this beautiful, inspirational, healing song that my bestie in France, Mario (@RyoStyin) shared with me last month. As he’s wont to do, the song hit my inbox at such an uncannily perfect time, i.e. when the painful impact of the first two weeks of 2015 had just begun to take a toll (more on that later).

Isn’t he a cutie? Love my Ryo!

The minute I started feeling dejected his e-mail came in.

Came upon this beautiful song by South African singer Lira. It has a great message and spirituality so I thought I’d share.

I listened, cried  a bit and then I couldn’t stop smiling. I cannot thank him enough for the love he has for me and the connection we’ve managed to maintain so well across the miles and through the years. That simple exchange perfectly characterises our friendship, and Soul in Mind reflects our desire to see each other be the best possible versions of ourselves.

This song/prayer speaks to me. It explains everything exactly as I wish it in my life, exuding the essence of ultimate comfort and peace that I’m after. Press play and soak it all in, I hope it will inspire you too. While you’re at it, do check out Miss Lira, she is definitely a fantastic artiste to know.



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