Want to know something exciting?

Wickie-Wackie-Beach-Bull Bay-St Thomas-Jamaica

View from Wickie Wackie Beach, Bull Bay, St Thomas, Jamaica

Hey readers, it’s already nighttime in Jamaica so I’m tardy with this post as it is, but I thought I’d share a quick update on the things to come here on Sour Skittles so you’re in the loop when things start changing. First up, I’ve now finally streamlined my posting schedule to Mondays – (road trips/mental health/lifestyle/randomness) and Fridays (reviews and interviews/features) so now you’ll always know what’s coming and when.

I’ll also be working on improving and auditing the website next month so there’s probably going to be a short period when it’s down, not to worry though, I’ll notify you before it happens.

Another development – I’m introducing a feature called ‘Dweet Yute!’ (read: Do It, Youth!) to highlight young people, primarily Jamaicans/Caribbean natives who are making remarkable moves. It starts this Friday with Nadya of Iyashi Herbs and I can’t wait to share it!

The most exciting news of all is *drumroll* that I’m working on a cookbook to be released within another three months, as well an anthology of poems that I started in 2011 and was recently inspired to complete… more anon.

Finally, as an update to my last post… I’m still swamped and stressed as hell (hence the brevity of this announcement) but seeing as there’s big things poppin’, I figured you’ll be happy to forgive me when you see all the greatness on the horizon. I for one am just about pissing my pants with excitement. Watch this space!


Cheers to brighter days! Wickie Wackie Beach, St Thomas, Jamaica. Photo: Touch The Road

Cheers to brighter days!
Wickie Wackie Beach, St Thomas, Jamaica.
Photo: Touch The Road


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