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Dweet Yute! Jungle Pussy is probably the best rapper you’ve never heard of… & Jamaican too!

Calm down – the name is nothing but positive, femme fatale and a nod to empowerment. Enter artiste-on-the-rise (and super-attractive human if I do say so myself), Shayna McHayle aka Jungle Pussy, who’s being plugged by a number of industry insiders — Erykah Badu, Village Voice, Complex & Paper Mag, to name a few— as […]

Dweet yute! Drink Likkle (Iyashi Herbs) Tea *giveaway inside*


Author’s note:  TGIF! Soooo happy to finally share this with you! It’s the first in a series of interview features on Sour Skittles called Dweet Yute where young Jamaicans/Caribbean people are highlighted for doing great, innovative, interesting things. We’re sort of on the tail end of the Emancipendence holidays (and the highest point of our […]