10 Steps to a better YOU

Author’s note: Greetings! I’m excited to tell you guys about this #selfdevelopment project I’m on that started on Emancipation Day, August 1st. Why that day? Well, it’s exactly 40 days to my birthday and since I’m a lazy procrastinator they say it takes 30 days to build a habit and I clearly need the extra 10 I’m taking 40. Over the next few weeks to my 29th birthday, I’ll be putting 11 simple tasks in place each day to become a better me (list is below). Feel free to join me on the journey if you like, just use the hashtag #40daysbetterme so I can keep track. xx

On my birthday last year 😀
  1.  Get more sleep – I’m pretty much a vampire, so this needs to change because my Circadian Rhythm is fucked. Also, inadequate sleep affects mental health very much, although having mental illnesses tends to affect the amount of sleep you get. So unfair.
  2. Drink more water – I SUCK at this!!! We all know the benefits of drinking water so you can imagine my dilemma. 
  3. Excercise/yoga – I’ve decided to either do yoga or some form of excercise every day, or both. Wish me luck because as much as I need the benefits (my body is so whack right now and my concentration level is shot to shit), staying motivated and having the discipline to do it at home always beats me. If you guys have any suggestions to help with this, please let me know.
  4. Eat (especially more raw foods) – I’m usually pretty good at this but my life has gotten so hectic in the last few months that I’ve gone right back into eating lots of not-so-healthy foods or barely eating at all. Since I need to eat a certain way to keep my mental (and general) health on point, this is crucial for me. 
  5. Stay centred – I’m a serious workaholic and tend to throw myself 150% into what I’m doing, so I often forget to just take time for me. So much so that a lot of my mornings start with me jumping on the computer the minute my eyes open and starting to work, or even falling asleep in front of it. The new plan is to find time for me in each day and restart my morning routine (affirm, meditate, visualise). I had wayyyy better days when I did that. 
  6. Have more fun – this is pretty self-explanatory but contrary to popular belief, I am not having fun all the time. I actually don’t get to have much fun usually so I’ve decided since 29 is so frightening, I’m going to start making a point of it. 
  7. DO NOT work 24/7… need I say more?
  8. Connect – I think about the people I love all the time but I’m actually terrible at communicating with them. Yes, I know that as a communications specialist that’s weird… and maybe even awful, but such is life. Working on it.
  9. Speak up more – I’m really candid, oftentimes bordering on tactless, so having seen and experienced the effect that words can have on us, I find myself not saying much at all. Shutting up when I should have said something. Finding smarter ways to beat around the bush with people so I don’t have to spell certain things out. Swallowing my own feelings about something if I think it will affect someone else a certain way. Not quite sure exactly when that started, but it’s a HUGE burden because it’s not me at all, so now that I realise it, I’m cutting that shit out. Now.
  10. Be easier on myself – This is most likely going to be the hardest for me to do because I’m a purist about a lot of things and I find that I’m also a VERY harsh critic, especially of myself. I really need to cut myself some slack because we all have things we want to do that we aren’t achieving right now. Nobody’s perfect, nobody has it all together (despite how it may seem) and nobody has the right to question where I am on my journey without being punched in the face, so… yeah.

BONUS (11): Make my apartment more homely. Recently I realised I’m really into decorating and that my mood is usually reflected in the way my place looks, so I figured if I create a space that is always welcoming and soothing it must have a positive impact otherwise, right? I started by setting up my home office properly and that felt amazing, so I’m just going to go room by room until I’m done.  

So… who wants to join me? Any feedback/suggestions? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!


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