15 lessons learned in 2015

Wow, what a year! Like it has done, I surmise, for many of you, 2015 has brought me through myriad trials and guess what? I am still here. WE are still here! Just this year alone I’ve been fired twice by clients, had my heart broken twice, lost three loved ones — two to cancer, one to a car accident, lost longtime friends and gained amazing new ones. I’ve also made some spiritual reconnections (through my realignment with my intuitive gifts as I like to call them, namely clairvoyance/clairaudience/clairsentience/claircognizance —a gift from my grandmother—(super scary if I do say so myself). I’ve managed to successfully battle depression which is hard as fuck – it’s been one whole year out of the doldrums for me despite teetering on the edge and even slipping off!

Note to self.

I still haven’t plunged into a major depressive state this year. Super proud of that! I also managed to raise a bit more awareness about mental health matters and forge some good links there, joined Touch The Road – one of Jamaica’s most innovative businesses, staged an awesome festival, grappled with anxiety, done two music videos, gained and lost weight and changed my hair three times, phew!

What I look like now…

Remember that book of poems I plan to publish? My cookbook? Both of those are halfway through, fingers crossed they get published by the end of 2016. I will make this New Year my bitch and am starting fresh in my business and personal life (eventful much?) In hindsight and as I stand on the cusp of another year, I can say I REALLY grew in 2015. As much as it wasn’t all butterflies, champagne and roses, I’ve learned more about who I am, homed in on my passion and purpose and, for the first time, I can genuinely say that I’m in love with life. All great feats! I wouldn’t change it for the world. The lessons were hard-earned, but that’s what makes them unforgettable. Here are the ones that stood out most…

So real though…
  1. Growth is uncomfortable. When we are changing and expanding our consciousness, moving up a level, it rarely ever feels great. (Think about babies teething). That means when life is full of seemingly unending disaster, a change is coming and it’s usually good for you. Keep this in mind.
  2. Every action has a consequence. Self-explanatory, really, but very helpful to remember as it applies to every facet of life.
  3. Change is necessary and constant. They say this is the only certainly of life besides death, so make sure you always expect the unexpected because bruh… those curveballs will fuck you up if you find yourself consistently blindsided. Trust me, I know.
  4. Things fall apart. People grow (or blow) apart. Everyone has a dark side and you can’t control everything, it’s an extension of change being constant. Ever heard of Murphy’s Law? It basically says that anything can go wrong at any time and it will. Remember that.
  5. Losing a loved one to death does NOT get easier with time. That is some bullshit. You may think about it less, but it rips into you just as much, well at least for me it does.
  6. Your jealousy and lies have a lot to teach you, learn from them. Who/what are you hating on? Who do you envy and why? If you look deeply, you’ll find something about yourself that bothers you. Find it and fix it. Likewise, lying is a big red flag. Anything you lie about shows that there is a disconnect between your values and your behaviour. We never just lie, there is always a reason behind it… usually something you would like others to perceive differently about you. Dig deeply to find out what it is and fix that too.
  7. You can only do so much. A friend of mine and fellow blogger, Brooke Glasford always ends her videos with this simple, profound saying: ‘remember you can do anything but not everything so choose wisely’. It sure felt like a bitch slap the first time I heard it and I haven’t been able to forget it since.
  8. Forgiveness is for you, not for others. Get familiar with it, practice it every day. It is for your own peace of mind. None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes and when we hurt others it is usually because we are hurt ourselves. Keep this in mind and learn to move past things more easily.
  9. Be very careful of the things you say, words can do serious damage.
  10. If you ever have a chance to help someone, do it. Just make sure you know your limits so you don’t end up over-exerting yourself and feeling drained in the end. I am good for this, but I’m slowly learning to be kinder to myself.
  11. Stay humble and keep moving. You’d be surprised at how much you can accomplish when you put in the work and stop trying to look fantastic in the eyes of others. How we pulled off Wickie Wackie Music Festival in four months is nothing short of a miracle. We had a tiny team, almost zero funds, just passion, vision and drive and despite the glitches, we did it. With just a bit of determination, you can too.Jamaican-memes
  12. Focus only on what you want. Ignore what you don’t want. Paying attention to that is just a waste of energy and it causes you to manifest all the wrong things into your life. It’s much easier to do this if you live in the moment and take things one step or day at a time. Start there.
  13. Always have a plan. No matter how simple it is… try not to go blindly into things, it really helps you find and keep your footing. As Eddie Rickenbacker says – “I can give you a six word formula for success; think things through, then follow through.”
  14. Your instincts are a gift and you have them for a reason. Use them. Trust your intuition and go with your gut. This is probably one of the most important skills we have for survival in this universe. Animals do it all the time to escape danger, so should we. When I follow my intuition, I am never wrong.
  15. Happiness is a habit, not a state of mind. Sure, it’s a feeling and can be considered a mindset too, but more so, it is a practice. The more you focus on gratitude, love, taking good care of yourself, being good to others and filling your life with beautiful, pleasant, uplifting things, the more likely you are to be happy and stay there. Nobody is happy all the time… that shit is unnatural. If you want to be happy more often than not, it will require some serious effort, so get on it.
    Love yourself first. It’s the only way.

By the way lovelies, have a Happy New Year when it comes!

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