#Mentalhealthmatters – current status: Partly cloudy

Seaweed, by me. This photo was taken with my cell phone at Waves Beach, Hellshire, last summer. I was on an impromptu evening trip with a friend; we were both really stressed out and made the effort to go out there for re-balance and refocus. It worked. I’m using it here to represent my current state of being, i.e. there’s some light making an appearance. Random side note: Most people hate seaweed at the beach, I’ve always loved it.

Dear readers, this is a quick note covering the following things:

  1. Saying thank you
  2. An update on how I’m doing at the moment
  3. Addressing direct questions on how to get involved with advocating for #mentalhealthmatters in Jamaica. So, here goes…

I really appreciate the outpouring of love and kindness from all of you, whether you called, sent me a message on social media, e-mailed me or left a comment on the post. The response was surprising as I write about such things all the time, but none of my previous posts on the subject have ever reached as far as this one about my own suicidal thought process. It has been ‘liked’, shared and commented on quite a bit, I think mostly due to how raw it was (VERY difficult for me to write and publish btw), as well as the fact that mental health is being talked about a lot more globally right now, which is great. I love that.

Thank you all for joining the conversation and I hope that you continue to be interested in and hopefully become advocates for #mentalhealthmatters in some way, even if it’s just to enlighten one other person. I tried to read and respond to all the comments but I haven’t yet had the chance to finish doing so, partly because I’ve been so drained, and it was also really overwhelming for me to have so many of them coming in. If I don’t ever get to responding, just know that I will read them all and appreciate the responses more than you know.

I must also thank the people in my life— my friends, family and my boyfriend who have been incredibly supportive and understanding, never thinking that my ‘lows’ are their fault for not loving me enough, or telling me ‘it’s not that big of a deal’, ‘just cheer up’, and helping me by being present and constant for when I eventually re-emerge. As it stands right now, I’m not 100% back to myself yet and physically ill, too, but I am definitely healing, feeling better mood-wise, i.e. not thinking dark thoughts anymore and working on getting back to full functionality. At this point, it is still very easy for things to become too much, so I will be taking a break for a little while before moving ahead with more blog posts— my brain is just not there yet and I hope you will understand.

Finally, there were persons inquiring about how they can help and this pleases me very much. I have always had a plan to roll out a programme of my own and started planning/putting some things together early this year, but as I’m not mentally back on my A-game yet, it will take some time. Until then, I recommend joining either (or both) of the two advocacy groups I’m currently with as we need all the help we can get obliterating the stigma. Please feel free to contact us here:

Jamaica Mental Health Advocacy Network (JAMHAN)jamhan2012@gmail.com. NOTE: We recently created a public awareness video and would love for you to watch and share if it speaks to you. Go ahead and view it here.

Face Depression (currently in Jamaica & Barbados, aiming for regional expansion) – facingdepressionja@gmail.com. View the campaign here.

FYI – Face Depression Jamaica launches this month on the 26th and we’re very excited about it. More anon…

Well that’s about it for the moment. Thank you all once again and I’ll be back when I’m fully ready. Much love and light to everyone.






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