Breaking news: #FaceDepessionJA launches tomorrow!

The team (Jamaica) is gearing up for our launch tomorrow! (L-R) Tami, Jessica, Jhanille, Chalanie and Tamaisha are ready to Light Up The Darkness. You ready ? (Photo: Kaiel Eytle) #FaceDepression #FaceDepressionJA

Happy Monday lovely readers! For me it’s more like exciting Monday because tomorrow, June 26, is a big day and there’s a lot of newness to talk about. It’s a pretty hectic afternoon in preparation, so I’m just going to jump right in and let you guys know what’s up.

  1. #FaceDepression —a #mentalhealthmatters initiative founded in Barbados that I’m involved in— launches its Jamaican subsidiary tomorrow evening and I am beyond happy about it. Why? Well, we’ve worked our asses off pulling everything together and tomorrow promises to be quite  edutaining. Also, this is exactly the kind of thing Jamaica needs to help us #facedepression and other mental illnesses sans stigma and ignorance. Yessss, bring it on!
  2. We also just made the new Face Depression website live ahead of the launch, so you can head over there and learn more about the campaign, our long-term and short-term goals for changing the way people view mental illness and interact with such challenged individuals in Jamaica; and how you can help us or get involved yourself. It’s great stuff, go check it out!
  3. I now have a mailing list *jig* and am working on a newsletter which will pretty much be an extension of the blog—lifestyle, mental health, people and also some make-up and skincare info for ladies and gents. You’ll love it. Subscribe here, I promise you it will be fun.
  4. I’m finally (fiiiinally) out of a depressive state, feeling like myself again and ready to tun up di blogging! I’ve also figured out exactly how it’s going to get done, but… no time to get into all the deets now, check back here on Wednesday for more updates.
                                                                       Woot woot!!!

Ciao until then lovelies, more anon!

Love x light,


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