#MHAW16 (World Mental Health Week Kingston) celebration was a success!


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Checking in to give you this quick two-for-one deal —a virtual walk through of how #MHAW16 was celebrated here in Kingston (plus the things I had to do with it) and to find out some specifics about your interests (regarding this blog) from you. I have good news and un-fantastic (but soon to change) news…

The Happenings

Good news: World Mental Health Week was observed here in Kingston, and I’d say it was the first one that has been so successful and widely observed (at least that I know of). As an active member/publicist of both Jamaica Mental Health Advocacy Network (JaMHAN) and #FaceDepressionJA, I’m so proud to have been a part of that! Plus! I also staged my first (tiny) event as the week came to a close and it went really well, so look out for more details.  ‘Un-fantastic’ news: On the flip side, it took SO MUCH of my emotional reserves to get that done and to be the face and voice of the mentally ill that I became pretty overwhelmed and drained at the end. I’ve had to take a little hiatus from social media (and my apartment), and I’m still kind of on a ‘mental break’ too, but don’t worry, I’ll be back in full swing soon.

That said, please take a look at what transpired over the course of the week, complete my poll below and if you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a quick message here. To find out more about my own initiatives, read my newsletters  and/or be part of my upcoming events, please click here to join my mailing list.

What JaMHAN did for the week.

Day 1 Monday Oct 10 World Mental Health Day- JaMHAN’s Embassy of the United States (in Jamaica)-sponsored media launch

SUCH an amazing speaker and compelling spoken word artist. Interestingly, he has Bipolar 1 disorder like I do.


Guess who was sitting at the welcome and registration table at the event? No prizes for the answer.

Day 3 – Wednesday October 12

Tami-Tsansai-Jamaica-on-Miss-Kitty-Live-Nationwide 90 FM
This is me in studio waiting to go on air at Nationwide 90 FM, where I shared my mental health story with Miss Kitty on her radio show, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM.
Miss-Kitty-Live-guests-Wednesday-October-12-2016-Nationwide 90 FM
Media personality Khadine ‘Miss Kitty’ Hylton (second left) sharing post-show smiles with us guests (from left): Fellow advocate and project coordinator at #FaceDepressionJA, Chalanie Stiebel, meeee (I appeared as a blogger/advocate) and entrepreneur/wife Mary Wilson who struggles with Bipolar Disorder.
This went SO well!!!

Day 3 – Thursday October 13

Fellow #FaceDepression member/advocate Jessica Thompson (left, remember her?) and I represented the team on TVJ’s Smile Jamaica morning time TV show segment 10 minutes to your health. We were interviewed by beloved host, Neville Bell.
My friend Ronique snapped me on TV and showed it to me. Hey girl!

This went great too! I couldn’t have made it there, but you can see the pictures for yourself here.

Day 4 – Friday October 14

I held my first event as an advocate/blogger – a private support group and it was really well received. Thanks again to everyone who helped out and showed up. Love you guys!

*drumroll*  Now for the poll!

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Remember to shoot me a quick message here if you have any questions/recommendations and click here to join my mailing list for updates on future events/initiatives of mine. Thanks as always for your support and I’ll be back on Monday with a lovely guest post from USA-based fellow mental health writer at The Mighty, Simone Flynn of The Perpetual Pink Cloud. Until then, connect soon!

Love, light & blessings,

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