#itsokayJA Mental Health support group (Jamaica)


Hi lovelies, it’s another quick one. For those of you who are not yet aware, I started a mental health support group here in Kingston, Jamaica recently called #itsokayJA. The concept is simple, come out and talk to people who understand what you’re going through because it helps. Learn something from those of us who struggle at times and certified mental health professionals, then let’s figure out together how we can build our strength as individuals to fight stigma and personal battles by building come-unity. There was a test run at the end of last year that went really well, and the official kick off was last week Wednesday, so we’re now up and live and ready to grow!

The quote below was apparently said by Malcolm X… I’m not entirely sure, but you get the idea. Anything can be improved upon once a supportive community is built and sustained. I’m all about it 🙂


 When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘we’ even illness becomes ‘wellness’.

As the flyer shows, we will be hosting two-hour long support group meetings every other Wednesday, starting at 6:00 PM with a sit-in psychologist, Jessica B. Thompson and guidance from the Jamaica Mental Health Advocacy Network (JaMHAN). It is open to the public, so if you are struggling with a mental health, emotional/psychological problem, grief, addiction, anything you feel you need the help of a loving and supportive community to handle, please, be our guest… we’re happy to have you. The aim is to take it right across the island over time with sessions in every parish, but more on that later.
Also, considering feedback from the last two we held, we will be taking a donation at each session to cover our expenses and provide refreshments in association with PlantFood by Addy.

The suggested contribution is $500-$1000 JMD, but if you cannot afford that, no worries, just give whatever you can afford. It all goes into making things more comfortable for everyone in attendance. If you’re interested in coming to the next one (Wednesday, March 29, 2017), please feel free to contact me here and I’ll add you to the event listing so you get all the updates and notifications. Note: For more details on causes and events you can get involved in or benefit from, click here.
Well, lovelies, I’m off again. Special shout out to everyone who came out to the last one and I look forward to hosting you all at future stagings, because, after all, you are not alone and it’s okay to talk about these things – stigma is stupid.
Look out for this Friday’s guest post on how pets can boost your well-being and help combat mental/emotional health issues. It’s gonna be a good one!
Love, light and blessings

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