Inner View: The Healthy Workplace (interview with Tambourine Army’s Black Sauna Radio)


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Happy Monday! Today’s post is another quick one and my second interview with Tambourine Army / WE-Change Jamaica’s Black Sauna Radio podcast. (You can listen to the first one here in case you missed it). I’m honoured to have been re-invited, representing my blog this time (heyyyyy) and we had a nice little chat about what a healthy workplace should look and feel like.

This topic is dear to my heart, having had a number of unhealthy experiences and I shared my personal take as well as other important tidbits in this Inner View. Plus, mental health at work is the focus of World Mental Health Week 2017, so go ahead and press play, I think you’ll like it. 

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To hear even deeper stories about my experiences in the workplace and otherwise that threatened my mental health at the time, you can go ahead and revisit my interview on Nationwide 90 FM with Miss Kitty here.


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