Welcome, new friend! My name is Tami (Tameka A. Coley) and I’m a ‘Blogtivist’, founder and proprietor of Tsansai Creative Services. The business primarily encompasses mental health awareness and advocacy both on and offline; as well as freelance content writing and creative arts consultancy— mainly writing, business development strategy, make-up artistry and digital media consulting. My mental health blog, One Mind At A Time, which was established in 2007, is the main platform for this, though I do collaborate with traditional media houses on occasion.

A few words to describe me would be eccentric, candid, intelligent, creative and irreverent. I LOVE music and identify as a multipotentialite. This means in terms of a career/life path, I do not subscribe to the belief that we should limit ourselves. In fact, if you are passionate about and able to effectively do multiple things, by all means, do them and be happy. This is what I’ve practiced in my own life since graduating from the University of the West Indies, Mona campus, in 2009 with a Literatures in English, Bachelor of Arts degree.

Here’s what I’m primarily involved in now (besides freelance work):

I’m also writing my first book, Hard Gal Fi Dead: Musings, Poems, Notes to self which will hopefully inspire and empower people to love more and judge less; plus there’s my mental health e-mail newsletter which has tonnes of helpful and interesting reads.

I’m originally from the country – Siloah in St Elizabeth, Jamaica and as far as my mental health credentials are concerned, I have been diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder (severe), (mild) anxiety and (chronic) insomnia, plus a bunch of other things to a lesser degree. Mental illness for me is a combination of genetics, stress and environment; and I became an advocate with my ‘coming out’ weird post here when I got fed up of being stigmatised and hiding, so I decided to speak up about it. Additionally, I’ll be certified in some mental health and counselling disciplines by the end of 2018.

Please feel free to also take a look at some of my work and drop me a line at TAMI@TSANSAI.COM if you’d like to connect.

Thanks for visiting!


All views expressed on tsansai.com are my own and do not reflect the view of any company, brand, or employer past or present unless otherwise stated. In the same way any products and/or service/s mentioned here in any interview or feature are a representation of my own personal tastes and opinions and should not therefore be taken as endorsement, sponsorship or advertisement unless explicitly stated.

Please note also that as a writer and make-up artist, I take plagiarism very seriously and am well within my rights to sue anyone who shares my content as their own without proper accreditation, adapts and publishes my thoughts, images and words for themselves without proper referencing and citation, or intentionally misconstrues same for their own purposes.

That being said, you are free to re-post, share, quote/or take excerpt from my posts here as long as you credit me properly, or ask for (and subsequently receive) my written permission where necessary. However, in doing so, you are agreeing to indemnify me and hold me blameless and harmless from any and all damages, claims, lawsuits or any other legal action that should occur as a consequence of your decision to do so.

Disclaimer adapted from and inspired by fellow blogger and attorney-at-law, Cucumberjuice.



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