…You will find a wealth of information, resources and tips on #MindBeingWellness — a term I coined to represent the holistic approach I take to managing my own mental health with lifestyle changes, which has proved very successful. It is built on the premise that there is no health without mental health, so in order to maintain total wellness, we must aim for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

This has meandered a lot in its direction and focus since I started it, evolving as I too, grow with it. At first it was called Sour Skittles, when it was a social commentary, journal and lifestyle space. Initially started on Blogspot in 2007, it was a place to explore my feelings, thoughts and experiences while simultaneously practicing my writing and getting feedback. It was, and still is, quite cathartic for me. It then developed into One Mind At A Time, which is now our slogan, when the focus shifted to mental health as I chronicled my journey and documented what worked in my healing and management. Since then it has blossomed into a platform through which I also encourage millennials to live inspired, empowered, purpose-full lives, despite all the distractions in the world.

Today it is #MindBeingWellness — a resource for self-care and actualisation, how to achieve balance and general well-being to help with mental health challenges; as well as candid recounts of my own experiences. It also has general wellness/mindfulness tips and interviews with West Indians (most of whom have their own mental health challenges or experiences) positively impacting the world. I primarily write and curate the posts myself with occasional cameos from other guest writers.


Though I do post a bit haphazardly or go off schedule sometimes, my posting days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Check in for the following posting structure:

  • Monday – Mental health / Self study
  • Wednesday – Wellness
  • Friday – Focus i.e. views, interviews and reviews (related to mental health/illness and general wellness/emotional intelligence)



I’m also the author of a book called Hard Gal Fi Dead: Musings, Poems, Notes to selfavailable now on Amazon and Kindle. if you want to hear more about that and get exclusive sneak peeks plus more good stuff I put out, you can jump to my mailing list/newsletter here and sign up! Also, follow me on Goodreads and on my Amazon author’s page.


I’ve had some articles go viral so far, A Day In The Life Of A Jamaican Lesbian was wildly successful—my most popular to date.  We are not selfish: A view from the inside of suicide is still being widely shared; and my interviews with Instagram model/educator/advocate Aisha Thalia (part 1 & part 2) are still doing really well too. Hopefully there will be lots more milestones to celebrate, I’m working on it! 🙂

Proud moment alert from my Google listing below where I was in the top three featured stories for two days! 



All views expressed on tsansai.com are my own and do not reflect the view of any company, brand, or employer past or present unless otherwise stated. In the same way any products and/or service/s mentioned here in any interview or feature are a representation of my own personal tastes and opinions and should not therefore be taken as endorsement, sponsorship or advertisement unless explicitly stated.

Please note also that as a writer and make-up artist, I take plagiarism very seriously and am well within my rights to sue anyone who shares my content as their own without proper accreditation; adapts and publishes my thoughts, images and words for themselves without proper referencing and citation, or intentionally misconstrues same for their own purposes.

That being said, you are free to re-post, share, quote/or take excerpt from my posts here as long as you credit your source, or ask for and subsequently receive my written permission where necessary. However, in doing so, you are agreeing to indemnify me and hold me blameless and harmless from any and all damages, claims, lawsuits or any other legal action that should occur as a consequence of your decision to do so.


Disclaimer adapted from and inspired by Cucumberjuice

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