Pronounced SAN-SIGH

What exactly does Tsansai mean?

Initially, the name held no real meaning, but it has now evolved into a purpose-full label reflecting my soul work on this earth.  Tsansai is a moniker that I assigned myself a few years ago – I believe it was in 2008, so there was no pre-existing meaning for it because I actually kinda made it up.

I wanted a cool ‘Internet name’ that sounded Japanese-y and at the time, I was an entertainment PR intern at Solid Agency Ltd. While there, I met a dancehall selector from Japan whom we brought in to play on Fully Loaded that summer (really hype event at the time). Unfortunately I can’t remember his name, but we had a great rapport. He once told me my smile and aura are as bright as sunshine, but with his accent, it sounded a bit more like ‘sansai’ to me. I loved it! So to make it my own, I added my ‘T’ in front, slapped it on all my online profiles and here we are today.

I now consider it a reminder of my purpose— to speak up, shed light on things often kept in the dark (like mental illness) and make a positive contribution in every way that I can 🙂