Greetings and welcome. My name is Tameka A. Coley, I’m also known as Tami Tsansai, or by my Taino name, Ketani. I’m a Jamaican storyteller and polymath who comes alive through writing, strategising and executing creative ideas, especially if they’re relatable and socially impactful.

I’ve honed my skills in various capacities in the media, corporate, creative, and non-profit sectors over the last two decades —as a culture and lifestyle journalist, mental health advocate, author, and consultant in digital media, communications, branding, events, projects, and creative strategy. How I encapsulate all this on LinkedIn, is —journalist/author, mental health activist and brand communication specialist.

As the self-published writer of my debut book, Hard Gal Fi Dead: Musings, Poems, Notes to Self, my goal is to inspire people to take charge of their own healing through self-study, laughter and sharing. For me, this manifests at the intersection of mental health, cultural retention, artistic expression and grounded spiritual practises; these also function as the tools we need to relieve and conquer the challenges we face. And since my passions are self-actualisation and holistic wellbeing for everyone, I’ve been working as a speaker, facilitator, and advocate for the mentally challenged and otherwise marginalised in our society since 2012. The Jamaica Mental Health Advocacy Network (JAMHAN), of which I am a cofounder, board member, and director of advocacy and awareness, as well as the #itsokayJA Mental Health Support Group, were created for this reason.

Plus, working with visionaries and change-makers to make a positive social change through my business, Tsansai Creative Services (TCS), and its offshoots —our media branch, Writes & Kulcha, our mental wellness arm, Mad Gyal Musings, and our brand communication and design partner, AMC4 — is an absolute joy for me, and I’ll continue to build community and address difficult topics in candid, irreverent, humorous ways online and offline.

Thanks for taking the time to visit. You may contact me here if you’d like to collaborate, hire TCS, or find and connect with me on Instagram at @tamitsansai and @writesandkulchamedia.