Tameka A. Coley, also known as Tami Tsansai or by her Taino name, Ke’tani, is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Writes and Kulcha, a subsidiary of Tsansai Creative Services (TCS). With nearly two decades of experience across the creative, corporate, and non-profit sectors, she is a multifaceted author, digital media specialist, journalist, and mental health activist. Named Pitch Magazine’s 2023 Mental Health Maverick of Jamaica, she is a proud member of the Yamaye Guani Indigenous Community of Taino and Maroon Peoples.

Since 2010, Tami has dedicated herself to storytelling and advocacy. Her work extends beyond traditional journalism, with collaborations including the UN’s mental health classroom workshop, Arts Projects Consultant with the British Council, and Indigenous researcher/rapporteur with the Institute for Gender and Development Studies at the University of the West Indies, and the Yamaye Council of Indigenous Leaders. Through Writes and Kulcha, she champions the preservation and celebration of Jamaican culture, history, and dialects, advocating for the inclusion of Patois, Kromanti (spoken by the Maroons), and island Arawakan (also known as Wahiyani/Eyeri and spoken by Tainos) in media representation. Her storytelling sheds light on overlooked historical narratives and amplifies the voices of marginalised communities, African descendants, and Indigenous Peoples in Jamaica, the Caribbean, and beyond.

Tami is also the self-published author of Hard Gal Fi Dead: Musings, Poems, Notes to Self, which aims to inspire people to take charge of their own healing through self-study, laughter, and sharing. Her work operates at the intersection of mental health, cultural retention, artistic expression, and grounded spiritual practices, promoting self-actualisation and holistic wellbeing.

As the founder of Tsansai Creative Services (TCS), she works with visionaries and change-makers to drive positive social change. TCS’s offshoots include Writes & Kulcha (media branch), Mind-Being Wellness (mental wellness arm), and AMC4 (a brand communication and design partner).

Tami’s Taino name Ke’tani means ‘with life and with water,’ so she entwines her talents with a deep connection to nature, activism, spirituality, and the arts. Her art serves as a platform for self-healing, social change, and the preservation of cultural heritage through technology. Her projects often combine irreverent humour with candid discussion on difficult topics, both online and offline.