Greetings and welcome. I’m an arts polymath and the originator of Tsansai Creative Services, best known as a writer, strategist, activist and facilitator.
Tameka A. Coley is my given name, though I prefer to be called Tami (Tsansai), or Ke’tani, my indigenous name. I’m Jamaican, originally from Siloah, St. Elizabeth, and a member of the Yamaye Guani [Jamaica Hummingbird] tribe of descendants with Maroon and Taino ancestry.

I studied for a BA, Literatures in English at the University of the West Indies, Mona. I also hold professional certifications in make-up application from the Face Forward School of Beauty; HAACP Food Manufacturing (RQF) – Food Safety Level 2 from the Highfield Institute; and Masters In Residence certificates in songwriting and artist management from the USAID/UTech FiWi Jamaica programme.

My professional background is extensive and I’ve been storytelling for nearly 20 years, refining my talent in a variety of corporate, creative, and philanthropic environments.

I’m a mental wellness speaker and mentor; the author of a self-published book, Hard Gal Fi Dead: Musings, Poems, Notes to Self; the renowned M.A.D. Gyal Musings mental health blog/limited series podcast, and the newly launched Writes & Kulcha e-zine. I’ve also spent over a decade advocating for increased mental health awareness in the Caribbean, and, in so doing, founded the #itsokayJA Mental Health Support Group and became Director of Communications & Public Awareness at the Jamaica Mental Health Advocacy Network (JaMHAN).

In 2015, I was one of three organisers of Wickie Wackie Music Festival— one of Jamaica’s most memorable independent music events to date. I’ve also amassed a wealth of career experience over the years, working as a culture journalist, communications professional, and artist. This ranges from government departments to individuals, media outlets, SMEs and multinational corporations, where I’ve provided services like public relations, digital marketing, event production, project management, copywriting, and strategy. 

As a creative freelancer, I’ve worked as a make-up artist and instructor; and in film production as a food, wardrobe and set stylist.

My true passion, however, is holistic wellness, found at the intersection of culture and artistic expression.
I explore this by creating awareness and building community through workshops and specially curated healing spaces where I teach a combination of writing, indigenous healing practises, and spirituality as techniques for lowering stress, achieving and sustaining Mind-Being Wellness.

This also translates to my business, Tsansai Creative, where I collaborate with (mainly) women in the creative, culture/lifestyle, and wellness sectors.

For updates, follow me on Instagram at @tamitsansai [pronounced san sigh] or @writesandkulchamedia.