#itsokayJA Mental Health support group (Jamaica)


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#MentalHealthWeek interview on #MissKittyLive (worth the wait)


Happy #mentalhealthMonday and Spring Equinox!

Hope all my lovely readers are doing well or, at the very least, working on it as I am doing every day myself. While I’m not in the best of spirits ‘mood wise’ right now, (things have been pretty rough recently), I’m grateful to be able to notice and address it myself – means I still have a handle on things, so all is not lost. ‘Tis the season of growth, renewal and newness, so here’s to trusting God to come through with an awesome demonstration of universal alignment.

Today’s post is short and sweet. It’s really just sharing the audio recording of the 1.5-hour interview I did last October for World Mental Health Awareness Week #MHAW16 for Miss Kitty Live’s Wellness Wednesday programme on Nationwide 90 FM here in Jamaica. Continue reading “#MentalHealthWeek interview on #MissKittyLive (worth the wait)”

#MHAW16 (World Mental Health Week Kingston) celebration was a success!


Hi lightbeams!

Checking in to give you this quick two-for-one deal —a virtual walk through of how #MHAW16 was celebrated here in Kingston (plus the things I had to do with it) and to find out some specifics about your interests (regarding this blog) from you. I have good news and un-fantastic (but soon to change) news… Continue reading “#MHAW16 (World Mental Health Week Kingston) celebration was a success!”