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How to make 2018 your year *for real this time* (FREE goal-getting formula inside!)

[10-min read]  Greetings loves! Wishing you a peaceful, reflective, focused and fun year-end. I’m sharing some quick tips based on my 2017 life lessons and notes to self. I write a lot of these when I journal and I believe they’ll also help you create the life you want in 2018. The focus for me next year […]

Inner View: The Healthy Workplace (interview with Tambourine Army’s Black Sauna Radio)

Greetings loves, Happy Monday! Today’s post is another quick one and my second interview with Tambourine Army / WE-Change Jamaica’s Black Sauna Radio podcast. (You can listen to the first one here in case you missed it). I’m honoured to have been re-invited, representing my blog this time (heyyyyy) and we had a nice little […]

On #selfcare: 10 ways to love yourself when times get tough

Author’s Note: An open letter to myself about self-care practices, also applicable to anyone who needs it. (5-minute read)   Hello lovely, As I sit here on this bench feeling the sun and wind, grounded… connecting, I can’t help but feel at peace. It’s a good feeling, comforting. Especially after having quite a rough time […]

#MentalHealthWeek interview on #MissKittyLive (worth the wait)

Happy #mentalhealthMonday and Spring Equinox! Hope all my lovely readers are doing well or, at the very least, working on it as I am doing every day myself. While I’m not in the best of spirits ‘mood wise’ right now, (things have been pretty rough recently), I’m grateful to be able to notice and address […]

Love, Life, Yoga… Tao Porchon-Lynch (the world’s oldest yoga teacher) speaks

Blessed rise everyone! I’m really happy to finally publish this post having sat on it for a few months. It was originally written for the ComplexdWoman blog, so if/when they publish or I find a link to it I’ll update the post so you guys can check out the original source. Tao, as you can imagine, […]