Would you like to share something ‘edutaining’ about mental health/wellness?

Know someone (from the Caribbean) who’s lighting up the world in their own little way by talking about mental illness?
If you think it works well for my audience too, go ahead and submit it!

Here are some ground rules to follow:

-You are required to share the guest post on your blog/other publishing space and via your social channels.

-Unless we agree to it prior, do not put any affiliate links in your blog post
-Do not use your guest post solely as a means of promoting yourself or your products/services/business. I’m all about adding value to my readers’ lives.
-Ensure your submission fits into the categories I already have.
-Word count should be maximum 1000-1500.
-Your photos/graphics (if any) must be of good quality
-PLEASE credit any image, photo, quote etc. that you mention properly!!!
-Be sure to edit your post properly

My promises to you are…

-I will let you know if I plan to use the post
-I will also let you know if your post doesn’t work for my readers (in other words, if it won’t be used, I’ll tell you too)
-I will NOT use your post without your permission or proper accreditation
-I will credit you as the author
-I will link to your blog and/or mention your social accounts

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