Consultant/Lecturer/Radio Host Gerry McDaniel Talks #Mentalhealth, Stigma (& what The Bible says about it)


Hi lovelies, happy new week! For today’s #MentalHealthMonday post I’m happy to share with you a very insightful message I received by way of a WhatsApp broadcast that was forwarded to me by a friend, and a short interview with its author, Gerard ‘Gerry’ McDaniel— lecturer, consultant and host and producer of RJR 94 FM’s Palav programme. The message contains wise words (his own perspective) on mental health, the stigma around mental illnesses (and how nonsensical it is) and, most interestingly, what The Bible has to say about it all — I was happy to see it’s quite a bit.

Since he’s a Christian, I found his take on the matter particularly enlightening and refreshing, considering that many other Christians do not share the same sentiments and, due to ignorance, discredit mental illness. Some are known for telling challenged individuals to simply ‘pray harder’ and step up their faith, so his thoughts were a welcome difference. Scroll down to read the excerpt and get acquainted with the wise man who said it all. At the very least, I think you’ll find it interesting too.

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Struggling with mental/emotional issues? Here’s why more therapists recommend ESAs (guest post)

Why-more-therapists-recommend-emotional-support-animals-pets-and-mental-healthEditor’s note: Happy Friday loves!

May the weekend bring you lots of good times, good company and respite. Today’s guest post comes to you from Brad Smith of Therapy Pets on a subject that I’m very passionate about and can personally vouch for – emotional support animals. If you’re new here, you can read this post on how my furry child Jazz (pictured above) turned things around for me. I also strongly recommend animal rescue, as there are tonnes of them all over the world starving, homeless, mistreated and in need of a forever home. Animals are so kind and loving, they make any home (and heart) warmer if you just show them some love and care, plus they don’t get put down to free up space in a shelter if you adopt them, so you’d be doing a world of good by choosing one (or more).

Now having a pet for emotional support is by no means a new thing, but there’s actual proof that it works well and Brad, who wholeheartedly endorses it himself, is here to tell us all about why it’s such a great idea. Click through for more details…

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