Consultant/Lecturer/Radio Host Gerry McDaniel Talks #Mentalhealth, Stigma (& what The Bible says about it)


Hi lovelies, happy new week! For today’s #MentalHealthMonday post I’m happy to share with you a very insightful message I received by way of a WhatsApp broadcast that was forwarded to me by a friend, and a short interview with its author, Gerard ‘Gerry’ McDaniel— lecturer, consultant and host and producer of RJR 94 FM’s Palav programme. The message contains wise words (his own perspective) on mental health, the stigma around mental illnesses (and how nonsensical it is) and, most interestingly, what The Bible has to say about it all — I was happy to see it’s quite a bit.

Since he’s a Christian, I found his take on the matter particularly enlightening and refreshing, considering that many other Christians do not share the same sentiments and, due to ignorance, discredit mental illness. Some are known for telling challenged individuals to simply ‘pray harder’ and step up their faith, so his thoughts were a welcome difference. Scroll down to read the excerpt and get acquainted with the wise man who said it all. At the very least, I think you’ll find it interesting too.

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15 lessons learned in 2015

Wow, what a year! Like it has done, I surmise, for many of you, 2015 has brought me through myriad trials and guess what? I am still here. WE are still here! Just this year alone I’ve been fired twice by clients, had my heart broken twice, lost three loved ones — two to cancer, one to a car accident, lost longtime friends and gained amazing new ones. I’ve also made some spiritual reconnections (through my realignment with my intuitive gifts as I like to call them, namely clairvoyance/clairaudience/clairsentience/claircognizance —a gift from my grandmother—(super scary if I do say so myself). I’ve managed to successfully battle depression which is hard as fuck – it’s been one whole year out of the doldrums for me despite teetering on the edge and even slipping off!


Note to self.

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Love, Life, Yoga… Tao Porchon-Lynch (the world’s oldest yoga teacher) speaks

Tao-Porchon-Lynch-beautiful-yoga-teacherBlessed rise everyone! I’m really happy to finally publish this post having sat on it for a few months. It was originally written for the ComplexdWoman blog, so if/when they publish or I find a link to it I’ll update the post so you guys can check out the original source. Tao, as you can imagine, is truly a beautiful soul – very wise and inspiring with lots of good advice to share. She is also full of love and light, so I felt very energised in her presence. It was amazing to meet and speak with her (big up to my friends Nicky & Jodi for the introduction and to Afya Yoga Studio for allowing me to use their space)! Check out her life lessons below. My apologies for not posting on Monday, life got in the way, enjoy! Note: The only image that belongs to me is the one with me in it.  Continue reading