How to make 2018 your year *for real this time* (FREE goal-getting formula inside!)

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Greetings loves! Wishing you a peaceful, reflective, focused and fun year-end.

I’m sharing some quick tips based on my 2017 life lessons and notes to self. I write a lot of these when I journal and I believe they’ll also help you create the life you want in 2018. The focus for me next year (and all others) will be #mindbeingwellness as I am working towards total health and more feelings of contentment regardless of the many shitstorms life can bring. This year was definitely about learning big things for me (mostly the hard way – yay, bitch :-/)… butttt the good thing about tough lessons is if you have at least a shred of sense, you learn that shit quick so you don’t have to do it again.

Today’s post is all about that, so without further ado, here are some reminders I wrote to myself and the wider world, as well as a strategy for actually achieving goals and creating the life you want. Read, enjoy, bookmark/Pocket, re-read several times and put them into practice. You can’t go wrong!

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On #selfcare: 10 ways to love yourself when times get tough

Author’s Note: An open letter to myself about self-care practices, also applicable to anyone who needs it. (5-minute read)



Hello lovely,

As I sit here on this bench feeling the sun and wind, grounded… connecting, I can’t help but feel at peace. It’s a good feeling, comforting. Especially after having quite a rough time over the last few months— unending chaos, confusion, stress, relationships being challenged, no break through it all. I feel blessed and assured of my purpose today – energised and ready to continue my life’s work. As I put pen to paper, I am nourishing myself while channeling healing information through my writing to create community for those who need it. After learning such harsh lessons first-hand and still being in class right now, it is a good place to be in, and an honour to share what I’ve learnt. A note to remember 10 ways to practice self-care (5 at a time) during this crazy Retrograde/Solar Eclipse meets WTF is happening in this world season and beyond.

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