How Sandra Thomas – over-achiever, wife and mum discovered her depression (Guest post)

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Today’s post was written by Sandra Thomas, wife, mother and human resources executive who in her own words shares her unavoidable tryst with her mental health. Having done everything right for years, she was pretty much a textbook case of ‘high-functioning depression’ – something that shocked many and re-introduced her to herself. She will be a regular columnist here on my blog, and I’m honoured she chose my platform to aid in raising awareness about this very serious issue. Read on to learn more about her experience and the valuable lessons she’s learned on her journey.

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Jamaican Human Resources executive, wife, mother and aspiring writer Sandra Thomas in moment of reflection.

“Who are you?” was the question my therapist posed one day in the Summer of 2015. A seemingly innocent one, but she might as well have asked “What is the capital of Equatorial Guinea?”  I am not sure what bothered me more in that moment- my annoyance at such a ‘stupid’ question or the fact that I did not know the answer. Seeing the look on my face, she took mercy on me and told me to take some time to think on it. I left her office with a range of emotions, pondering this simple question that would haunt me for a very long time.

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Coming out ‘crazy’

pinterest-tamitsansai-mental-health-blogger-coming-out-crazy-jan-2017It’s Friday the 13th and I’m officially ‘coming out crazy’… It’s very similar to my first post years ago, but, this time, much more in-depth. Indeed, I’ve decided to publicly own all my labels in an attempt to not only free myself of all unnecessary shame, guilt and propensity to conceal, but also (hopefully) to inspire others to do the same because, guess what, there are many others like myself.(That would be mostly functional and seemingly alright without us making anyone the wiser – in case you were wondering). We didn’t ask for mental illness and have more than enough to handle already without adding all that extra weight to our shoulders. There are also many people who aren’t functioning for various reasons and that’s okay too, because nothing is wrong with us as people or about our character… We’re just mentally ill. Stigma is stupid and it desperately needs to end, so yes, once again I’m addressing the elephant in the room.  Continue reading “Coming out ‘crazy’”

3 simple daily practices for great mental health

pinterest-title-3-simple-daily-mental-health-practices-tami-tsansai-jan-2017Tami’s note: Happy 2017! I hope this year brings you much joy, peace and blessings in all areas of your life – let’s all focus on that so we can attract it. I don’t know about you guys, but if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know just how happy I am that 2016 is over with (two hallelujahs and a tambourine shake for that). It’s my first post of the year and already there are some changes happening – (a) I’m now registered as a mental health/media consultancy business; (b) I’ve updated the name of the blog to ‘One Mind At A Time’; and (c) I’m in the process of getting things more ‘businesslike’ as a result. Shameless plug time: If you missed my January mental health newsletter, click on the link for more in-depth information on the new journey and don’t forget to subscribe here so you’ll stay in the know – there will be many more exciting things happening as the year progresses. Also, seeing that I just mentioned last week’s e-mail, I’m re-opening the poll and survey I posted until Friday of this week, just in case you missed the chance to contribute to the direction my blog posts will now take – I’d love to hear from you. (Of course you can always just contact me here to let me know as well). Anyway lovelies, on to the first post of the New Year, courtesy of the feedback you have given me so far. I’m happy to share with you three easy, effective strategies (I personally use) to stay on top of my mental health every day – read on…

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