Road Trip: Carpe Diem!

Happy Sunday! I hope it finds you counting your blessings as you should be, regardless of whatever misfortunes are occurring in your life. I’m taking a very positive approach these days, (something I should have been doing long ago), and I’ve found that each time I’m grateful for something, the universe supplies me with even more to […]

A soul freed…

Yesterday I woke up with an ominous feeling… I couldn’t understand it. there was no bad dream, nothing to dread on my daily to-do list. All I knew was that something was off, something wasn’t right, something felt… terrible. It permeated my spirit all day until it started annoying me because I just couldn’t figure […]

Pregnant Women Are Smug – Garfunkel & Oates (sung by Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci)

Hey guys, *waves frantically* I’m sharing a super-hilarious video that one of my friends suggested today. It so happens that another of her best friends read my last blog post, loved it (yippee!) and sent her the video below to give to me as a response. It totally made my day, I burst out laughing […]